What are Templates?

Templates are like custom product categories for organising related products into.

These can be either job specific e.g. a Hot Water Cylendar installation, a Pre Wire Fit Out or Pipe Out of a new house etc or product  specific e.g. a copper template, a cable template etc.

To create or edit your templates click on Templates under My Jobs & Customers.

This will take you to a page displaying your existing list of templates.



How do I create a template?

There are two ways you can create a template. 

  1. From product search screen - as you are searching for products by specifying the required quantities of one or more items,
    • Click the template button
    • A pop up box will appear and you can save a new title for the template. 
  2. From My Templates option in My Jobs & Customers/ Setup -
    • Click Create new

This will open a form where you need to enter a name for your new template e.g. Toilet Installation

Once you've entered a name for your template click the Save button and you'll be taken to a page where you can start adding items to your template.


How do I add my stock to the template?

To add your labour and transport rates to your template click on "Add from My Stock" button.

This will pop open a window where you can search your own catalogue of stock including your labour & transport rates which you can add to your invoice, or even create new stock items to add e.g. Plant or Digger Hire etc.

Once you've found or created the item(s) you want to add to your template simply click on the item codes of the ones you want to add and they'll be added to your template.

Repeat this process until you've added everything you need and then click the close button to return to your template.


How do I add many items to my template at the same time?

Adding products to a template one at a time would take forever if you needed to add thousands of products to your template e.g for a favourites list, so to save you time you can upload a spreadsheet of products all at the same time.

To do this, have a look at the bottom of the screen.  You should see a notice "Upload a CSV file of product codes:". Click on the  "Choose File" button.

This will pop open a window to files saved on your computer, navigate to where your list of product codes is saved, select it and click the Open button.

When you click Open the pop up window will close and all you have to do is click the Save button this will take you back to your list of templates.

To see if all of the items in your list have been successfully uploaded simply click on the template name or the edit icon.

This will open up your template where you'll see all of the products contained in your list have been uploaded to your template