You can find your Humes quotes under Quotes & Orders in My Humes Account menu.

This will open a page displaying your most recent quotes


Filter Branch Quotes by Date

To look up your Humes Quotes by date click on Quotes under My Humes Account, this will take you to the page displaying your most recent quotes, however you can view quotes from any period by simply adjusting the date range filter.

To do this click on the Quote Date Range calendar icon to set the "To" and "From" date, then click the search button.

The default view is 10 results per page.  You can adjust this using the Results per Page filter, up to the maximum of 100 results per page.

To reset the date range and start searching over again, simply click the Clear All Filters button.

* Please note only quotes from 5th February 2018 are available to view on TradeDoor.  Please contact your local branch or Account Manager for assistance regarding previous quotes. 


Filter Branch Quotes by Job

For quotes where you have provided us with your reference number e.g PO number or Job number and this has been included as Your Quote Reference in the quote, you can search for all quotes containing this reference. 

To do this, simply enter all or part of Your Quote Reference into Your Ref field and click the search button.

This will return the 10 most recent quotes containing your job name or number in the Your Ref (e.g. Customer Order Number) field within the date range you specified.

If you expect to get more than 10 results, you might want to change the "Results per Page" filter.  You can view up to 100 results per page. 

To clear the job number and start searching over again, simply click the "Clear All Filters" button.


Open/View Branch Quotes

Once you have found the quote you are looking for, you can open it by clicking on the quote number or the view icon next to it.

This will open a copy of the quote for you to view online.